Summer Travel Packing List for Special Diets

With summer months come summer vacations: spontaneous road trips, flights across country, backpacking in the great beyond, and if you’re really lucky, an escape abroad. No matter the destination, though, every trip requires reparation. And for those with special diets, the packing list has a few extra items to tend to — mainly, preparing food for every meal of the day.

But dietary limitations don’t have to take the spontaneity or flavor out of adventures. Nor do they have to add stress to your well-deserved R and R. With a little extra effort and the following tips, anyone with any dietary needs can stay full no matter where the journey takes them and even enjoy memorable dishes that make all that travel worth the visit.

Pack Smart

First and foremost, carry emergency snacks with you at all times — I’m talking granola bars, tortillas, nuts and seeds, berries, individual nut butter or tahini packets, microwave oats, grains and rice, and anything else non-perishable that fits easily (and lays flat) in a suitcase or day bag. These treats will come in handy during plane rides, breakfasts, and lunches when options are scarce.


Also, don’t forget to look in the baby food aisle. Toddler-friendly fare may have more nutritional value than flavor, but the latest lines of purees don’t taste half bad. And if you’re really hungry with no options in sight, these packets will keep you full and provide a daily fill of vegetables. They’re also perfect for backpacking trips and day hikes when you want to keep provisions light.


And if you are willing to check a separate bag outfitted with an ice pack and perishable food, then the options become limitless. Make whatever you want to eat and call the front desk at your first stop to ask for a small refrigerator for when you arrive.

Send Ahead

If you are staying somewhere for a while, don’t be bashful; send your pantry favorites ahead of time. Ship all of the non-suitcase-friendly food via mail to your hotel and enjoy the cans of beans, chips, salsas, dressings, and other staples when you arrive. Sometimes you can even ask the concierge to do a little pre-arrival grocery shopping for other items, like fresh vegetables or fruit.

Forget The View, Get a Kitchen

When searching for hotels, look for spaces with small kitchenettes. If your hotel doesn’t have those options, remember

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